Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Recap 7.20


I played an epic round of US Open-esque (insert sarcasm here) with my best friend, Karen.  We were both captains of our high school tennis team.  She went on to play in college.  I didn't.  Guess who won.  Not me, ha!

We then had a lovely picnic.  I used a lot of my book club snacks I had left over pairing with a sharp cheddar and blueberries that I picked up at Wegmans.

Followed by a fabulous dinner outside.  I tried soba noodles for the first time and really enjoyed them.  I'm definitely going to add them to my grocery rotation.


Pedicure of the week brought to you by Essie Bachelorette Bash. 

I attended my friend, Vicki's, baby shower at The Duck & Bunny in Providence.  This is one of my favorite restaurants and I was so excited that Vicki held her shower there.  They are known for their creative crepes and cupcakes and her shower featured both.  Her favor was a red velvet trike in a mason jar, also known as my dinner :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Recap 7.13

Hi friends!  I had a jam packed weekend & loved every minute of it:


I've been going to Wegman's for about 2 months now and casually walk by the make your own trail mix bar and tell myself not to go there.  I usually win.  But Friday, the bar won.  This did not last the weekend. 


Heart inspirational quote spin classes!

While I did my laundry I read on our roofdeck.  It was beautiful this weekend!

My friend Karey and I went to Barcelona Brookline for sangria and tapas (tapas not pictured but they were amazing).  This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area.  It is perfect to go with your girlfriends, order a few tapas and just catch up.  Definitely make a reservation here as it's pretty popular.

We then went to Farmstead Kitchen for a cocktail.  You guys.  I am pretty much in love with this place. If Anthropologie had a restaurant this would be it.  It is ecclectic, warm and welcoming.  I had the "No Sleep Till Brookline" which was incredibly refreshing and delightful.


Outfit of the day:  top:  Marshall's, skirt:  Talbots, shoes:  Jack Rogers, necklace:  this is old, but I got it in a Franchesca type store at Mashpee Commons, bracelet:  Cape Cod Bracelet 

My friend's baby shower!  It was Pottery Barn lamb themed.  Adorable!

Followed by a birthday party for my Gramma who is 93!

Friday, July 11, 2014

My love of Pinterest

I enjoy every aspect of Pinterest.  This is coming from a girl who loved vision boards before they were cool.  In college, my friends and I would slip each other magazine collages under each other's door if one of us was having a bad day.  Now when I'm having a bad day, I open my Pinterest app and pin inspirational quotes:

Over time, Pinterest has come to teach me a little about myself.  I don't dress completely preppy (I'm a more of carefree prep if I had to label).  Apparently the inner me really hearts the prep:

And I also tend to pin super elaborate recipes that let's be honest I probably won't make:

So if you want to follow a closet prepster, dessert obsessed, always looking for inspiration pinterester, please look me up under Lauren B.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hosting Book Club

Last night I hosted friends to discuss our latest book "The One & Only" by Emily Giffin. Since it was a "school night" and would be rushing home from work, I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared.  Here is how I planned:

-  Add your party food to your weekly grocery list.  This saves you an extra trip to the grocery store.  I added the following to my weekly shopping trip:

  -  2 bottles of white wine
  -  crackers
  -  goat cheese
  -  cheddar cheese
  -  pretzels
  -  hummus
  -  dried figs
  -  almonds 
  -  mini cupcakes

-  Prep the night before the event.

I set up all of the platters, glasses, and plates I was using the night before so it would be a quick set up.

-  Keep the bar seperate.
I turned my kitchen table into a mini bar with glasses lined up, the drinks of choice (I also had Polar seltzer, not pictured), and coasters.  I like this idea because it encourages mingling but also allows the guest to pick their beverage of choice.

-  Prepare easy appetizers.

I specifically wanted a no nonsense app menu.  The hardest thing I had to do was cut up the cheese and assemble a platter.  The dried figs and almonds were a fantastic compliment to the cheese and added a nice color contrast.

So net net, a little prep will take all the stress out of your event. I was able to assemble everything and still had time to check my email all in about 20 minutes.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Recap

Hi friends!  I hope you all had a fabulous 4th!  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  It is stress free and always spent with my favorite people.  Here's my 4th in pics:

Red (cranberry), Blue (blueberries) and White (white chocolate chips) at Dana's in Quechee, Vermont.  I have gotten these amazing pancakes 4 4th of Julys in a row.

Reading a textbook by the lake.  I tried to compromise as much as I could (summer classes are just no fun, period).

A BBQ with American flag lanterns - perfect day.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Recap 6.29

Hey friends!  Hope you had a fab weekend!  Here's what I did:

I'm in a state of blah as I type this as I'm starting an intense 6 week, twice a week, 3.5 hour each class tomorrow.  Why I choose to go to grad school is a question I ask myself every day (I'm being super dramatic so bear with me!).  Why I choose to take a summer class is just the worst.  But this means I finish sooner.  One more year left!  Anyway, I parked myself in a coffee shop and started reading (and daydreaming) on Friday.

My friend and I beached it on Saturday.  Cheers to a great beach day!

I read my lovely textbook while my my Gramma read her novel.  It was a gorgeous cape weekend!

Went to The Raw Bar in Poponessett with my cape bestie.  Their lobster rolls are known to be the best on the cape and I couldn't agree more!

Ended my cape weekend with breakfast with my Gramma at The Bagel Haven.  I had the breakfast burrito - delish!