Friday, August 15, 2014

Nantucket Getaway

I just returned from a lovely trip from what I like to call the happiest place on earth - Nantucket! (sorry Disney).  Nantucket, located 30 miles south of Cape Cod, is home to (what I think) New England's best beaches, cobblestone roads, and quaint restaurants and shops.  I like to compare it to walking around in the middle of a really good novel or Hallmark movie, pretty picturesque and perfect.  Here's a recap of where I stayed, where I ate, and what I did over the course of 3 days.


I stayed at The Summer House at their Fair St. location which is centrally located in downtown Nantucket.  The accommodations in Nantucket are mostly inn like, so the rooms are a bit older but I find them to be very New England and welcoming.

A perk of The Summer House was the complimentary continental breakfast (as seen enjoyed by my sister).  This is a nice extra to have while staying in a pretty expensive area.  The other perk that The Summer House provides is private beach access (see below in What I Did). 

Where I Ate


We asked some locals for a dinner recommendation and they suggested Millies in Madeket.  What a great recommend!  We enjoyed a sunset dinner surrounded by amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.  Millies' has a Mexican vibe with a great array of seafood inspired taco dishes. 

The Club Car:

My mom loves to read novels about Nantucket (actually I do too!) and The Club Car tends to make an appearance as the go to restaurant for the characters.  I can see way!  Walking into The Club Car is like taking a step by to the classiest of times.  I had the lobster macaroni and cheese which was served with an amazing brown butter sauce (aka best dish ever). 

What I Did:

We rented a jeep and headed out to Great Point Lighthouse, which is the furthest point on Nantucket.  It was glorious!  We saw seals, ate a picnic lunch, and traveled to the Lighthouse.  So fun! 

The other perk of staying at The Summer House was access to a private beach and beach club.  A car drove us right to the beach club where they provided chairs and towels and where we basically loved our life for the day.  Here is the beach club seen through my new Lokai bracelet (stay humble, stay hopeful, read all about it!). 


It rained in Nantucket on our last day so we decided to fill the day with lots of shopping downtown.  No trip to the island can't be complete without a stop at Aunt Leah's Fudge  The M&M peanut butter tastes like an inside of a Reese's Pieces.  They ship all over the country.  You're welcome. 

I had the best time in Nantucket and hope you get a chance to visit this slice of heaven!  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Recap 8.3


You can walk under my umbrella!  I made a little deal with myself to use my car as little as possible on the weekends.  I am happy to report that I did not let the rain deter me this weekend and actually went all day Sunday without using my car.  The above is my happy stroll to the T.

I met my friend for lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury.  We split a pitcher of a strawberry vodka infused lemonade which was the perfect Saturday treat.


I had Sunday brunch at Cafeteria in the Back Bay.  It is an adorable place that has a school house theme throughout their menu, like the Detention (a piƱa colada).

Um have you guys heard of Yasso Bars?!  I'm probably late to the party on this one but oh my delicious they are good.  And if you follow Weight Watchers they are only 2 points plus.  The Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite so far.  Please note The Batefoot Contessa on in the background.  Fact: I would like to be her best friend.

And finally I went to Shakespeare in the Common this evening.  Thank goodness for a synopsis because Shakespeare is still a little tough for me to follow.  It was an incredible performance and a perfect night to sit outside to watch.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Review: The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand

I'm not someone that takes to trends right away.  I like to take my sweet little time discovering things and that sometimes makes me late to the party of life.  Take the Bachelor/ette for example.  I JUST started watching it and how long has it been on?!  So when I was emotionally distraught over Nick not winning this week I got the "where have you been" look from my coworkers who have been through dozens of final rose ceremonies.  Sidneote:  I'm never watching that show again.  Sidenote to the Sidenote:  Unless Chris is The Bachelor than I'm in.

I digress.  The same can be said for Elin Hilderbrand.  My mom has been reading her for years, my coworker has praised her novels and I was all like "ummm no one can compete with Emily Giffin, thanks."  Well I was wrong.  Emily has some good competitin with Elin.  "The Matchmaker," Hilderbrand's latest novel was next up on my book club's list.  I was hooked.  From page one - no lie.

And full disclosure, I could be a bit biased.  You see, all of Hilderbrand's novels take place on the magical island of Nantucket.  Being a Massachusetts girl and having a soft soft in my heart for this sanctuary, I found the multiple island references fascinating.  The story follows a woman who's perfectly content life is disrupted by her past and her learning to renavigate places and people she's known her whole life.  It's light enough bring to he beach but heartfelt enough that you'll stay up until 1:30 reading it with a box of tissues (not that I would I know that!).

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: 7.27


My sister and I took a bike ride along the Cape Cod Bike Trail.  When the trail ended in our town, we decided to set out on our own.  We got slightly sidetracked looking for a cove that I now believe really doesn't exist.

We then headed to the beach where we stopped at The Bagel Haven in Mashpee for some sandwiches.  We didn't get these Lobstah Pops but we did split a peanut butter cookie which was probably the best cookie I've ever had (we ate it before I could snap a pic!).

We celebrated happy hour at The Casino in Falmouth where we got white wine spritzer a (so refreshing!) and an order of calamari.


On Saturday my family and I headed down to Rhode Island to celebrate my fabulous mom's birthday!  We went to Mantunuck which I can confidently say is now on my top ten restaurant list.  We feasted on raw oysters, a seafood platter and a key lime pop which was a frozen key lime custard, a graham cracker crust dipped in white chocolate.  Incredibly decadent and so worth the trip down to southern Rhode Island!

The gym will be my best friend this week after a very much worth it weekend of feasting!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Recap 7.20


I played an epic round of US Open-esque (insert sarcasm here) with my best friend, Karen.  We were both captains of our high school tennis team.  She went on to play in college.  I didn't.  Guess who won.  Not me, ha!

We then had a lovely picnic.  I used a lot of my book club snacks I had left over pairing with a sharp cheddar and blueberries that I picked up at Wegmans.

Followed by a fabulous dinner outside.  I tried soba noodles for the first time and really enjoyed them.  I'm definitely going to add them to my grocery rotation.


Pedicure of the week brought to you by Essie Bachelorette Bash. 

I attended my friend, Vicki's, baby shower at The Duck & Bunny in Providence.  This is one of my favorite restaurants and I was so excited that Vicki held her shower there.  They are known for their creative crepes and cupcakes and her shower featured both.  Her favor was a red velvet trike in a mason jar, also known as my dinner :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Recap 7.13

Hi friends!  I had a jam packed weekend & loved every minute of it:


I've been going to Wegman's for about 2 months now and casually walk by the make your own trail mix bar and tell myself not to go there.  I usually win.  But Friday, the bar won.  This did not last the weekend. 


Heart inspirational quote spin classes!

While I did my laundry I read on our roofdeck.  It was beautiful this weekend!

My friend Karey and I went to Barcelona Brookline for sangria and tapas (tapas not pictured but they were amazing).  This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area.  It is perfect to go with your girlfriends, order a few tapas and just catch up.  Definitely make a reservation here as it's pretty popular.

We then went to Farmstead Kitchen for a cocktail.  You guys.  I am pretty much in love with this place. If Anthropologie had a restaurant this would be it.  It is ecclectic, warm and welcoming.  I had the "No Sleep Till Brookline" which was incredibly refreshing and delightful.


Outfit of the day:  top:  Marshall's, skirt:  Talbots, shoes:  Jack Rogers, necklace:  this is old, but I got it in a Franchesca type store at Mashpee Commons, bracelet:  Cape Cod Bracelet 

My friend's baby shower!  It was Pottery Barn lamb themed.  Adorable!

Followed by a birthday party for my Gramma who is 93!